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FREE GCSAA Start Your Summer Right Webinar Series - Help Your Community Using Water Management BMPs

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The importance of water cannot be overstated. It is essential to life as we know it. In this 90-minute webinar, Matt Ceplo, CGCS, will focus on water quality and conservation using your state's BMPs and the importance of outreach and education with community partners. He’ll explain how he got involved with county water problems more than twenty years ago and why he stays connected all these years later. Learn how your property fits within your watershed, your responsibilities to your downstream neighbors and the potential for habitat enrichment. Benjamin Franklin said it best, “we know the worth of water when the well runs dry.”

About the Instructor

Matt Ceplo, CGCS, has been a golf course superintendent for the past 35 years. All water is connected in some way and Ceplo has been involved in everything from the small Sparkill Creek Watershed to the larger Hudson River, from county government regulations to water testing in facility ponds. In 1998, Ceplo led a group of county regulators, water providers, professional landscapers, business leaders and concerned citizens to help amend the county’s drought codes to be more respectful of its citizens and business owners while saving water.

Ceplo’s excellence in the turfgrass industry has been well-documented through the numerous awards he has received including the Global Sports Alliance’s New York Environmental Steward Award 2011; the Metropolitan (New York) Golf Associations Arthur P. Weber Environmental Steward Award 2012; GCSAA President’s Award for Environmental Stewardship 2013; Environmental Steward Award from New Jersey Turfgrass Association 2016.

Ceplo’s involvements include Past President of the Met GCSA and Past President Tri-State Research Foundation.

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3:00 PM - 4:30 PM EDT


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